Aromatherapy Treatment

Aroma senses

60 min – 22 USD . 90 min – 32 USD . 120 min – 42 USD

The popular worldwide massage is designed for soft and smooth using specially blended aroma massage oils and Gentle healing hand of our therapist performance will help to calm the nervous system and relax muscle tissue and promote the growth of healthy new skin cell, ultimately resulting in total relaxation.

Swedish massage

60 min – 22 USD . 90 min – 32 USD . 120 min – 42 USD

Enjoy a firm and invigorating or a gentle and soothing massage with relaxing strokes that remove tension and bring relief and a sense of well-being. Nourishing pure blended oil is used for this treatment.

Four hand touch

60 min – 32 USD . 90 min – 42 USD . 120 min – 64 USD

An absolute treatment, the therapists working with all four hands in harmony massaging fragrant oil over your body in blissful, synchronized waves. During this multi hand massage, therapists use long soothing strokes but at times intertwine their hands to produce motions that cause the body to resonate with multiple sensations.

Deep relaxing massage

60 min – 24 USD . 90 min – 34 USD . 120 min – 46 USD

A full body massage designed to deeply relax muscle tissue, improve circulation and relieve tension. And abandon your body to a state of deep relaxation. Lemongrass melts away tension while orange calms busy minds. Enjoy a moment of serenity, unwind and seize the day.

Therapeutic Treatment

Traditional khmer massage

60 min – 20 USD . 90 min – 28 USD . 120 min - 38 USD

The ancient art of healing experience a new way, Khmer massage originated in Cambodia and makes use of passive stretching and gentle pressure along energy lines to relax the body and ease muscular tension.

Head back and shoulder massage

60 min – 20 USD . 90 min – 28 USD . 120 min - 38 USD

We carry most of our stress literarily on our head back, neck, face and shoulder so this treatment is perfect for easing aches, pains and muscle tension and the therapeutic touch helps to improve the central nervous system and release stress.

Feet Massage

60 min – 17 USD . 90 min – 24 USD . 120 min – 30 USD

This specialized foot massage helps improve blood supply to the whole body and provides relaxation, soothes pain and releases blocked energy an ideal treatment after a day at the temples.( Include head & shoulder)

Indian head massage

60 min – 17 USD . 90 min – 24 USD

Based on the principle of Ayurveda. This soothing yet energizing head massage combine pressure point techniques to relieve tension in the head and neck. While also restoring vital tranquility, Indian Head Massage can help relieve insomnia, chronic headaches, migraines and sinusitis

Special Signature Treatment

Aroma Hot Stone Massage

90 min – 35 USD . 120 min – 50 USD

Aroma oil massages with hot stone will help you clam your nervous system and promote a sense of relaxation, reduce tension and anxiety. the heat of the stone can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up the tight muscles. (Not appropriate for one with diabetes, heart disease, pregnant and sun burn).

Herbal Compress Massage

60 min – 25 USD . 90 min – 35 USD . 120 min – 48 USD

Release your tensions while enjoying this unforgettable treatment. our hot herbal compresses bring together ginger, lemongrass, sea salt, and turmeric to relieve your muscle aches and bruises. these balancing ingredients open the pores and bring a deep medicinal heat to the muscles to release discomfort and revitalize your mind. Then, an invigorating massage with aromatherapy oil will take your body on a journey of total renewal.